Behind the scenes

I absolutely LOVE when my clients take behind the scenes photos and send them to me later! It is so nice to look back on a session from a parents point of view! As you can see I am always VERY close to baby. I use a 35mm lens that allows me to be in arms reach for every single photo taken. Each set is properly stocked with posing tools to ensure babies safety and stability. I put little bean bags and posing tools behind them, in front of them, or wherever I feel is necessary to support them and keep them in a comfortable position for photos!

This sweet girl was so good! She slept pretty much her entire session! I try to time my outfit changes and sets just right to work with babe's feeding schedule. If babe is really sleepy it is easier for me to do more outfits, however, if they are touchy I may only do one outfit to avoid waking them up too much. As you can see I was able to get quite a few outfits on her without waking her up! She was one sleepy little gal!

In the photos below you will see my bucket set, the Papasan chair, my colonial bed, the mulberry box, and my light olive posing fabric! These are just some of the props and colors that I offer! I love variety and variety is what you will get if you book your newborn session with me!