When should I book?

Waiting until the last minute is definitely not ideal. Booking by your second trimester is usually a great time! By your second trimester if you are interested in a maternity session that can be scheduled at the same time as your newborn session!

Common questions:

-How do we pick a date if I don't know when my baby will actually arrive?

No worries, I just book you in my calendar for your due date and then once babe arrives we pick the actual session date at that time! The reason for this is because I only take a limited number of due dates per month so it keeps me organized!

-What happens if something comes up and we have to do the session at later?

That's okay! I only take the session fee up front which is a minimal amount. This session fee can be saved for credit whenever you are ready to use it!

-Do I have to choose colors and props right away?

No not at all! Take some time to think about what coordinates with your home and what you really love! Booking in advance also gives you time to swing by the studio and custom pick what you want which is a ton of fun!

-If my baby has already arrived can I still book with you?

Please always contact me! I only take a limited number of newborns per month, but babies arrive at different times and it may provide last minute availability in my schedule! Newborn sessions are my favorite and I will do my best to accommodate you!