The newborn Mini

When I first started I offered a Newborn Mini, then I took it away, and then I decided to bring it back, haha! The Newborn Mini is a good option if you just want a few sets done! My minis include the bed prop, the bucket prop, a wrapped set, and black and white mug shots! I can get quite a variety of images from these sets for you to choose from!


Customized to your color choice, the bed prop is a parent favorite! I have natural wood and white wood beds for you to choose from. I try to get 3-4 poses out of baby on the bed prop. I love the versatility that the bed offers and gives you great variety in your gallery!

Fredericksburg Virginia Newborn Photographer
Warrenton Virginia Newborn Photographer
Richmond Virginia Newborn Photographer
Washington DC Newborn Photographer

The Bucket

The bucket is one of my favorite props! Baby is always half swaddled for this prop and I position them with their chin on their hands and then do a variety of headbands and hats. I will always try a few different hand and arm positions with them! Again, this prop adds great variety to your gallery!

Haymarket Virginia Newborn Photographer
Bristow Virginia Newborn Photographer
Warrenton Virginia Newborn Photographer
Gainesville Virginia Newborn Photographer

Wrapped set

The wrapped set can be done in a variety of my different baskets or crates. There is nothing cuter then your baby bundled up! Again, I try to incorporate a few different hats or headbands and a stuffed animal for them to hold!


These are typically done at the end of the session and ALWAYS end up being some of the favorites from the gallery. I want them to be awake for these so I can get all of their expressions. I'm hoping for funny faces, smiles, yawns, crying faces.... EVERYTHING!