full sessions vs mini sessions

Mini sessions are great, I totally get the convenience of a shorter session and a smaller investment. Mini sessions can be a perfect choice for you, but maybe not the best choice for someone else! I just want to explain the major differences between the two and why you should choose one over the other.

Mini sessions

My mini sessions last anywhere from 10-15 minutes depending on what I am offering. If you have small children you can look at this in two ways; my kid will only last for about 10 minutes anyway OR my kid may have a meltdown at some point and I need a full session to ensure they are happy at some point! These are the two statements I hear often when choosing a session and both are true!

If you book a mini session, most likely, I will have other mini sessions booked back to back with yours. This means that I ONLY have the allotted 10-15 minutes reserved for your family before I have to move on to the next. If your kids are happy, FANTASTIC, I can get a TON of photos in a mini session. However, if your kids are not having it.... we only have 10-15 minutes to try and get them happy and cooperative. Let's be honest, you NEVER know with kids, especially toddlers!

Mini sessions can feel a bit rushed as I am trying to go through a checklist in my head of all of the combinations I want to get through within our time limit. This means we may not have the extra time for those additional cuddle shots or special moments. We may not have time for me run around and capture those candid impromptu moments of your kids playing.

Mini sessions can, however, be PERFECT for you! Are your kids a bit older and more likely to quickly follow my cues? GREAT, a mini session is for you! Do you have toddlers and are okay if you don't get that "picture perfect" photo because your 2 year old doesn't want to smile at the moment or they are being a bit goofy? AWESOME, a mini session is for you! Mini sessions can be a great way to get amazing photos at a discounted rate if you are okay being on a time limit and making the best out of how your kids are in that 10-15 minutes!

Full sessions

Full sessions generally last about an hour, however, I don't keep track of time. I stop when I feel like I got what I need! These sessions are very relaxed because we have that extra time to change the mood of a cranky child, play, run around, and be silly! Full sessions allow for multiple different posed photos as well as a ton of candid opportunities! Full sessions also give us the time to venture around the location and get a lot of different scenes in your photos!

Full sessions are a little bit bigger of an investment, but you will get a larger gallery to choose from and a ton of variety! Full sessions really give me a chance to get to know you all and connect with your kids! Connecting with your kids is super important to me because once they are comfortable with me I can get the best candid photos as we run around and have fun!

If you want a more relaxed session, more time, and more variety then a full session is definitely for you!

Ultimately, there are pros and cons to each session and you just have to determine what is best for your family! I love doing both of these sessions for different reasons and I am happy to offer them to you!

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