Let's face it.... the newborn stage flies by and you are so tired during this time. Sometimes it's hard to preserve the moment and take in just how little and adorable your baby is. A newborn session will provide you with photos that will give you all of the memories. The back wrinkles, the little feet, the tiny hands.... you will have it all!

3-5 Months

This milestone is priceless! Your baby is now very expressive and smiley! I like to get photos of babe doing tummy time, laying on their backs playing with their little toes, partially wrapped in little props, and over head shots of all of their amazing expressions! It is amazing to see how much they have changed since newborn!

6-9 Months

The 6-9 Month Milestone, also known as a "sitter session" is definitely a lot of fun. I like to do this session when they are sitting independently, but before they are walking. I have a ton of adorable props included a swing, high chair, little bowls, and more for them to sit in and give me all of the smiles! Get in one last session before they are on the move!

1 Year

Before you know it your babe will turn 1! Time flies! At this point they have their own opinions about things and have developed quite a personality of their own. Let me capture it! I have a variety of props for them to sit in and on! Make it a cake smash if you want to! You will not want to miss this final milestone!

Book your 1st year bundle!

I love when families decide to book the 1st Year Bundle because I love watching your babe grow from session to session! It is incredible how much they change at each milestone! I like to try and keep at least 1 prop consistent for each session so you can see them grow with it! When you invest in photos, you invest in memories that you can hold onto. You invest in those sweet little facial expressions that you can look back on forever. You invest in heirloom portraits that will be past down for lifetimes to come. Don't let this precious time pass you by!