Holober newborn session

Baby Logan came to see me in the studio at just 4 days old! He slept like a rock and seriously was an amazing little guy! Do all newborn sleep the entire session? Absolutely not. Is it easy to just place a newborn into a pose and start snapping photos? Not at first. When I first started newborn photography I could not believe how easy photographers made it look. Little did I know HOW MUCH goes into posing these perfect little things. Angles must be perfect, fingers must be a certain way, the head tilt needs to be just so, the lighting needs to be in just the right spot, and the list goes on. I, so many times hear people say at the end of their session, "wow, I had no idea what goes into a newborn session until now!"

I am also EXTREMELY picky and detail focused. I spend a significant amount of time perfecting every pose I do. I know if I don't fix a little finger that when I go to edit I'm going to be kicking myself! I hope that my families appreciate the pickiness though! I just want you all to have the BEST images that I am capable of producing!

Logan pretty much did every pose I wanted him too! Do all babies let me do everything? Nope! And that's okay! There are a ton of poses that can be done, it's okay if some work and some don't! As long as baby is comfortable and happy that is all that matters! Some babies prefer the tummy poses and some like to be on their backs... doesn't mean I won't attempt it all though!

Now let's take a moment to swoon over how cute baby Logan was.....

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