I love family sessions

I hear a lot of photographers that specialize in a specific area of photography (newborns, weddings, boudoir) say they try to avoid family sessions. Even though I am very focused on maternity, newborns, and babies 1st year, I definitely LOVE family sessions and could not imagine never doing them ever again. I have had clients ask me if I am going to give up Family Sessions and only do newborns and my answer is NO WAY! It is hard to say I specialize in one area or the other because I love them both for different reasons. Today I want to talk about my love for Family Sessions though!

Photographing families is what began my photography career. I will never get tired of capturing the sweet moments between parents and their children. I love feeling the emotion through the photos I take and I my only hope is that the parents feel it too! I always make sure I get the go to posed photos, but I live for the candids. Mom snuggling up on her son, Dad twirling his daughter around, the whole family laughing and walking towards me, those are the moments that I love to edit and deliver!

I would say that one of my specialty's when it comes to outdoor family sessions is my ability to find great light. You can take a photo easy peasy, but good lighting is what separates your photos from the rest. I'm PICKY! VERY PICKY! If you have done sessions with me in the past you know that I prefer certain hours of the day and really hate to veer from them! One of my biggest pet peeves is shooting in crappy light.

Another thing that I love that other photographers may hate is having to chase around toddlers that don't want to sit still for a photo. GUYS, this is when I get the BEST photos of them. I chase them around, I catch them off guard, and BAM amazing photo. Some of these candid faces that I get from these kids are just stunning. Yall have beautiful children, all of you!

I could go on and on, but this is why I LOVE Family Sessions and why I could never not do them!