Little Wooden white bed

newborn sessions

One of my most popular newborn props that client's choose is the little wooden white bed! I can pose baby wrapped or unwrapped on this bed very easily! It coordinates with some many different colored sets and perfect both girls and boys! I will offering tutorials on how to pose on the bed and what tools and safety measures I use. Please stay tuned for my education courses coming soon!

Here is the link for the bed

milestone sessions

The 6-12 month age range typically really enjoy hanging out on my little wooden white bed! They like to play drums with their hands on the edge of the bed! It keeps them pretty entertained and keeps them in place long enough for me to capture some great portraits! I typically like to keep one leg bent inside the bed and hang one foot over to touch the ground next to the bed. Some babies are more comfortable sitting frog style with both legs in the bed as well!