essentials for your newborn environment

There are three things that make the perfect environment for a successful newborn session with a sleepy baby! Sound, comfort, and temperature! I highly recommend all of the items shown to achieve this and have the best luck to keeping babe asleep and happy! These items are the foldable mattress, gloves, Alexa Dot, and a heater! Keep reading to see why I love each of these items for my sessions! At the bottom I will post the links to where you can purchase these items for your next newborn session!


Nothing is more startling to a baby than cold hands! I don't know about you, but my hands are ALWAYS cold. These fingerless gloves make it much easier to handle the newborn by not waking them with my cold hands. The fabric is great, it is not slippery and I can hold the baby easily and safely. Bonus, they are super easy to wash and use time and time again!

Foldable Mattress

This mattress is a game changer. I prefer to be low to the ground when posing newborns. I prop one side of the mattress against a wall and lay the other side flat on the floor. This makes it easy for me to drape posing fabrics over the mattress. I clamp the posing fabrics nice and tight on each corner of the mattress. I use heavy duty metal clamps from Home Depot. I can easily move my posing tools around underneath. When I am not using it I can easily fold it up and store it if I want to! I can do all of the poses on this mattress as well as overhead poses with things like swings, stuffed llamas, etc.

Portable Speaker

The Alexa Echo is a must have in every studio. I crank it up to the max volume and blast white noise. This helps keep baby calm and asleep. It also helps reduce the awkward silence between me and the parents during a session, haha. When I am not doing a newborn session, I use this to play nursery rhymes for Cake Smash sessions or trending music for the kids! It is so easy to manage during a session because you just have to talk to it and you can continue to work.


I keep my studio at a whopping 80ish degrees during my newborn sessions. Babies do not like being cold and having a warm studio is so important. Please remember that if you are only swaddling your newborns you do not want your studio this warm. Having a good space heater is the way to go to eat up a space quickly!