Why Do You enjoy this?

A question I hear ALL the time is, "why do you enjoy newborn photography so much?" It requires so much patience, you have to be detail oriented, you have to want the perfect photo! Why do I like spending 5 minutes fixing 1 little finger that is out of place? Why do I enjoy spending 4 hours in an 80 degree studio? Why do I wait it out for a wide awake baby to finally fall asleep? The answer is..... I simply LOVE what I do. There is no other answer, but that. I absolutely love newborn photography.

There is nothing more rewarding than posing that cute little babe and getting beautiful photos that will be cherished forever. When I spend a while getting babe into a pose and then I get a HUGE grin, it's like hitting the jack pot. Every newborn session is completely different because no baby is the same. It is so interesting how quickly I can pick up on the differences in each baby in so many different ways. How attached they are to their pacifier, do they transition from pose to pose easily or do I have to move like a snail, do I have to continuously make sushing sounds or not, do they wake up every time I try and put a bonnet on.... and the list goes on.

Newborn photography is definitely it's own and you have to love it to want to do it. I just love it!