Newborn session

Can you guess how much this little guy weighed? He was so tiny! 5lb and 4 oz! He was my second smallest baby that I have had in the studio. He was just a dream! One little feed at the start of the session and he was out. I was able to get a ton of amazing poses out of him and some outfit changes! I always follow the cue of the baby when it comes to what poses I do and when I do them. If they are wide awake I will do my wrapped sets, no worries! They all end up falling asleep at SOME point and this is when I can get poses in! I am patient and I will wait it out in order to get those squishy poses! See below for some of this little guys posed shots!

How cute is he, right?! He was so comfy in each pose! The prop seen here is my "Baby Web" and it is from Hello Little Props! It is one of my favorite props to use because it's pretty easy to pose on and babies just kind of squish into their little poses so perfectly! The outfits seen here are from Peeka's Boutique! I absolutely LOVE them! How amazing is that blue romper that shows the little back rolls? He also looked so cozy in the tan outfit!

Check out his bucket photos below!

The bucket is my go to for every session! I have never had a baby refuse the bucket! They are partially wrapped for this set, so they normally stay asleep or fall asleep very easily for this! This rust color is a favorite of mine and I absolutely adore the fox set! He had such amazing hair I almost didn't want to put a hat on him, but I always do some with and some without!

It is never to early to book your newborn session!