The In's & Out's of The Newborn Experience ....

The Newborn Experience is one of my favorite sessions to do, it's by far the most work, but easily a favorite! Why can newborn sessions seem so pricey? I calculated that I easily spend on average 12 hours per session. This includes setup and design, the actual session, breakdown/clean up/laundry, and then editing! You are investing in an experience that will leave you with images to look back on forever that you truly love.

These precious humans only stay this little for so long and you can so easily forget how little they actually were! Whether you hang your photos on your walls or create an album I promise you that you will be so thankful you invested in this session.

When you arrive the studio will be a whopping 80+ degrees to keep you little one warm and happy! I always tell parents to feel free to step outside for fresh air at any point, it does get toasty! I play a white noise sound the entire session the keep your baby calm. I wear fabric gloves to make sure my hands are not cold while handling your baby. Most babies want to eat 1-2 times through out the session, I use this time to clean up sets we have already done and prepare for the next.

I try and get in 8 sets during your session. This is my typical work flow....

  1. Wrapped waist down and posed in my bucket with their chin on their hands and/or another prop doing this same pose
  2. Unwrapped posing on fabric color of choice. Baby will remain in diaper and I will use coordinating wraps to hide.
  3. Wrapped set #1 with toes exposed (normally my wood bowl)
  4. Wrapped set #2
  5. Wrapped set #3
  6. Wrapped set #4
  7. Wrapped set on a second color posing blanket
  8. Unwrapped or Sleeper outfit posed on my wood bed
  9. Baby mugshots while they are awake and hopefully giving me all of the expressions

This session typically lasts 3-5 hours with 4 hours being the average. I do not rush your baby and I am very particular and detail oriented. I will take the extra time to fix fingers, perfect head placement, have baby hold different things, and change out different headbands, hats, and bonnets. I like to take my time and get my perfect shot.