my newborn session workflow

This sweet girl took a bit of time to fall asleep and get settled after her 2 hour car ride to see me, but once she was out I was able to do my typical workflow as planned! My ideal workflow (the order I like to do sets and poses) does not always go as planned, but I try to stick to it as much as possible. For me, workflow depends on when baby falls asleep, when they need a diaper change, when they need to eat, etc. In a perfect session, like the one I am showing you today, this is how I roll.

As seen in the 3 images below, I like to start with all diaper only shots. These sets usually involve 1-2 props and poses on the "beanbag." These normally take the longest because babe is naked and posing is more time consuming then wrapped photos obviously. I am also super picky and like to fix the tiniest things like fingers, angle of babe's head, etc. Sometimes fixing one little finger will wake baby up and I have to start from scratch... it is sometimes like taking one step forward and three steps back to get the to final image that I want! Patience is key, haha!

The next step is the bucket! I do the bucket next because normally baby is still very sleepy and the pose is very doable at this stage. It is also a half wrapped pose which makes baby even more comfortable! I wrap them just enough so that I can cover majority of their body and just have their arms sticking out for the chin on hands pose in the bucket! The bucket is usually a baby favorite, I have yet to have a baby refuse it! I like to do both hands under chin and a one arm hanging over shot. I also try and do different accessories like headbands, hats, and bonnets.

Warrenton Virginia Newborn Photographer
Bristow Virginie, Gainesville Virginia, Haymarket Virginia, Newborn Photographer

After the bucket, this is the point in the session where I make the decision between outfit poses or wrapped shots. In an ideal world this is the time I like to do outfit poses. I will typically do two sets for outfits, one on a prop and then poses on the beanbag. If baby is still fast asleep I will get them in the outfit, if they are ready for a feed I will have Mom change diaper, put baby in the outfit, and then feed! This then usually makes baby fall asleep again and is ready for the next stage of posing!

Warrenton Virginia Newborn Studio
Newborn Props, Warrenton Photographer

I like to save wrapped shots for last because typically they are the easiest photos because baby is all bundled up and there is no posing involved! They usually sleep right through it because they are all bundled, but if they end up waking up for this part that is fine to because.... they are bundled, haha! I usually do 2-3 wrapped sets.

Warrenton Virginia Newborn Photographer
Newborn Photo Ashburn Virginia

And lastly..... mugshots!

Mugshots are amazing! This is the last thing I do and WANT baby to be awake! I want ALL of the expressions.... yawning, crying, smiling, silly faces, etc! I give these to you in your gallery in black and white and they make amazing collage wall art! They are minimally edited and just raw and real captures of your sweet babes expressions.

In a nutshell, that is why these sessions generally take around 4 hours (depending on baby)! I like to give you a ton of variety and make your experience worth it! I only book 2 newborns per week because of how extensive the sessions are followed by a ton of editing. I usually spend about 1-2 hours designing your custom sets as well... but that is a blog for another day! :)