Most common questions answered...

What if my baby arrives before or after the date we have booked?

I always schedule babies on their due date. It is very rare that this date actually works for the session. I limit the amount of babies that I take each month so this helps me stay organized and not over book myself. Once your baby arrives you will send me a quick message and we will schedule your session from there.

Can my baby be posed if they are older?

I never turn away a baby based on their age. Every baby is different and will allow different things. Yes, my sweet spot is 5-8 days old, but that does not mean that your 6 week old baby will not let me pose them! Frankly, I can't make any promises with ANY age baby. I do the best I can, but the ball is in their court. One thing I do know is that no matter what I will find a way to get photos that you will love!

Will my baby cry during their photos?

Probably! Most babies cry for one reason or another. Majority of the time your baby will cry when they want to be fed or changed. It is very common that your baby may cry or get annoyed when we change positions or swaddles because they are comfortable and I am interrupting their sleep sesh. Moving from pose to pose is typically when they will get annoyed with me, but they will settle back down very quickly once they are nice and comfy again! I know the difference between a "you are interrupting my sleep lady" cry and a "I need a break to eat" cry. I follow all of the cues from baby and let them lead the show.

What if I want to hold my baby just because in the middle of the session?

You and your baby come FIRST! If you just feel the need to hold your baby at ANY point in time during the session that is your decision and I will respect that 100%! It is an emotional time right after you have a baby and your needs come first.

Can you do every pose that I want?

I will do my best to get every desired pose, however, your baby and their comfort is my number one priority. I WILL NOT sacrifice baby's comfort for a requested pose. Majority of babies are totally fine with every single pose I do, but if I ever sense discomfort I will not continue with that particular pose and will simply move on to the next! Again, your baby comes before ANYTHING!

Why is the session so long?

These sessions are long. There is no way around it. Most babies will need to stop and eat a few times, have their diapers changed a few times, be rocked back to sleep a few times, it's just the nature of the session! I do not rush these sessions. I am very detail oriented and like to perfect all of the little things for each shot.

Why can't I do family photos at the same session and the individual photos?

I like to do a lot more during family photos then just a few typical family poses. If I tried to combine everything that I like to do that make these sessions so unique and special it would be a long day for baby, your family, and myself. It is also so much less stressful on mom if she does not have to watch other kids the entire newborn session. Not only will I do the typical swaddled family portraits, but I like to take my time and pose baby in your arms, in your husbands hands, and more! I also like to do a little variety for sibling photos then just your typical overhead shot. Trust me, you will be happy that I do these as separate sessions.

Can I pick all of my props and wrap colors for every set?

To an extent. I typically ask families what colors they like and then I will design the sets from there. If there is a particular prop or props that you have seen me use and would like me to use them in your session that is 100% doable!

Can I bring outfits and props from home to use?

This is your session that you are paying for so I will absolutely not tell you that you can't, however, I do have my opinion on this. Most newborn outfits that are brought in are WAY too big for baby or not the right type of outfit for these kinds of photos. They usually ended up taking over the baby or the fabric does not photograph well, etc. I spend a lot of time and money getting the proper outfits for these sessions and highly recommend those! I understand that grandma may have made something for baby and it is important that you get a photo in it.... don't worry, I will still do it! I have incorporated different props from home, but I need to know ahead of time so that I can plan accordingly. Some props are very unique to I have to be creative in how I want to incorporate it. I set up all sets the night before your session so last minute items brought the day of that I don't know about may be tricky to incorporate aesthetically.

Can my dog be included in the newborn photos?

I'm going to take this as a case by case basis, haha. I typically don't allow animals in my studio for obvious reasons, but I am willing to entertain the idea depending the dog and demeanor.

Is everything clean?

Every wrap and posing fabric that touches baby gets wash after the session!

Do babies mind being posed?

All poses that I do are very natural for baby. Limbs are never forced in a way that is uncomfortable or unnatural. Babies may not like being moved from position to position because they are comfy, but that is just that, they are comfy in those poses! I do not take my hands off of baby until I know that they are cozy, secure, and content. I use a variety of posing aids that ensure the comfort and safety of your baby. I get a lot of smiles during sessions so I know they are happy!

Why is my baby making faces while they sleep?

This is always a good sign that your baby is in a nice deep sleep! They may make a crying face, mad face, or give me a big ol' grin! Babies may giggle in their sleep or even squeak or cry. They are dreaming! This is my favorite time because I LOVE getting all of these expressions while they are dreaming.

Newborn Photographer Warrenton Virginia