Specializing in newborn photography

For me, specializing in one area of photography doesn't mean I don't photograph other types of sessions, it means I have invested time and money (lots of money, haha!) into educating myself and continuing to educate myself it that one specific genre. For me, it is newborn photography. I want my clients to know that if you book with me that I have spent many dollars and hours learning under some of the best mentors in the business! Not only do they teach me proper lighting, posing technique, and editing, but MOST importantly they teach NEWBORN SAFETY!

Specializing in newborn photography means that I am 100% comfortable posing and photographing your precious bundle and I have the education to prove it. I have spent thousands of dollars on training and education. I know where every limb should be placed in each pose, I know how to watch for signs that baby is not comfortable, I know when a pose is supposed to be composited in photoshop......

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Please never allow your photographer to balance your baby in froggy pose. this is a 2 step process and should be composited in photoshop!

When I see posts on Facebook stating, "looking for a newborn photographer that doesn't break the bank," I cringe.... just a little. Yes, you can find fantastic newborn photographers in all price ranges, but PLEASE don't just book someone because they are cheap. Make sure they are educated. There is nothing more precious that a newborn life and you want to make sure that person is going to handle YOUR BABY with the upmost care!

I am proud to specialize in newborn photography and I am happy that I feel 100% confident in posing your baby. My education will never stop. There is so much to learn and to improve as a newborn photographer and if you know me, you know that I am a perfectionist when it comes to my work and I want to always know that I have done my BEST for your session.