safety is priority

Baby safety is the most important thing to me. I will never compromise the safety of the baby for a photo. When hiring a newborn photographer never hesitate to ask them about their training in safety. I have invested a lot of time and money in educating myself in proper posing techniques, signs to look for while working with a newborn, and how to prep my studio and props for a safe environment. I also am CPR/AED certified.

Babies are allowed to give you their opinion when moving from pose to pose as you disrupt their sleep and bug them, but they should never be crying from pain or discomfort. Not all poses are for every baby. I can tell if a baby does not want to do a specific pose and I will never force a pose. When a pose is not for them I will simply move on to the next one. The baby runs the show, not me! I look for signs and cues from your baby to guide my session with them.

My sessions are long, they just are. I take my time and I don't rush things. I stop when baby needs to be fed or comforted and wait patiently for baby to be ready to be photographed again. I have heard many times that I have so much patience and I am so glad that parents see this through my sessions because I really do have a lot of patience for these sweet little humans.