Outfit advice!

I am always a huge fan of neutrals, earth tones, and jewel tones! I always recommend picking either one color and doing different shades of that color through out the family or picking 2 complimenting colors. I usually only recommend putting 1 or 2 family members in a subtle pattern depending on the size of your family. The one color I never recommend is bright white. It can shine super bright and just take over the photo. Both super dressy attire or simple casual attire photograph very nicely for family sessions. I always recommend to just be you!

Color Combos if choosing two colors:

Olive Green & Beige/Ivory

Blue & Yellow

Mustard Yellow & Olive Green

Burnt Orange & Ivory

Navy Blue & Hunter Green

Burgundy & Cream

Grey & Navy Blue

Brown & Ivory

Olive Green & Burgundy

Mustard & Burgundy


Family of 3 - 1 person or no one in a pattern

Family of 4 - 1 person in a pattern

Family of 5 - 1-2 people in a pattern

family of 6-8 - 2 people in a pattern

Warrenton, Virginia Family Session