Choosing a specialty

Many photographers will go their entire career and not choose a specialty and that is totally fine! I, too like the variety of photographing all sorts of sessions! I actually never thought I would choose a specialty nor did I think I would LOVE one area of photography THAT much to specialize in it. Here is a fun fact..... studio newborn photography was the ONE area that I said I NEVER wanted to try. I had no interest. That very quickly changed.

I used to only do in home newborn lifestyle sessions. These were easier and relaxed, I did not have to worry about posing a baby. I kept getting asked if I did studio newborn and I kept saying no, until one day I decided to try it. I decided to see if I even liked it. I FELL IN LOVE! After that, my sole focus was how to become the best newborn photographer I could. I needed all the trainings, I wanted a mentor, I wanted all of the props and cute outfits, I had to have the best lighting and set ups.... it was all that I thought about.

I watched video after video after video. I practiced and practiced and practiced. I read ALL OF THE THINGS. Anything I could do to better myself, I did. 1 year later I was DEEP into newborn photography. My dad built me a brand new studio so that I could have more space and functionality, I was thousands of dollars deep in props and newborn accessories, and was being mentored by the best of the best! It doesn't end there. I am always continuing to better myself and to learn. This area of photography has quickly become my absolute favorite and have definitely specialized in it without even realizing it!

I put 100% into each and every session! I want all little fingers in place, I want the lighting just right, I want angles perfected..... I want perfect images! It is not just my job, it is a craft and my art. My world opened up after I discovered my love for newborn photography.